"An excellent performance and terrific entertainment, well received by both staff and our two main ‘targets’ - including the Managing Director. While many of the barbs were quite sharp (as intended!) the delivery ensured that it was well taken all round. The results (according to management and staff) were exceptional! We look forward to working with you again."
Mark Griffiths, Nat. Marketing Manager

"Hilarious. Our sales team were thrilled to find themselves in the spotlight as you satirised us all to within an inch of our lives. Top entertainment for our business conference and a great morale-booster for the team."
Jim Galvin, General Manager

"On behalf of Alcon, thank you for helping us give David a great send off. The night went very well but your performance topped it off. It was a great laugh for everybody including David and it really did highlight - in a nice way - some of the traits that David is renowned for. It was a real laugh for all of us. If we ever have another function, I will definitely get in contact with you. Thanks again!"
George Briscoe, Instrumentation Manager, SE Asia

"It was a pleasure to have you entertain us for our 40th Anniversary/ Thanksgiving and Christmas Luncheon. Our guests were very impressed and thought you were wonderful! We've had many calls with favourable comments about your performance; we hope to see you both again soon!"
Jannene Stephens-Roberts

"The function was a huge success and the highlight was your roast. We were still singing the next day! You hit the nail right on the head, helped liven up the party and got everyone into the swing of things. This was on function that won't be forgotten easily by our guests, thanks to Comic Roasts!"
Phillipa Josephs, Liberty Grove Launch

"Thank you for your hilarious performance at our recent function - extremely well-prepared. Congratulations on your second hit show for us! You again caught the spirit of the occasion with your natural humour, quick wit and vocal and musical flair. You provided a level of entertainment that ensured success for our very special occasion."
Sarah Pauling, Assistant to the Managing Director

"Wow, guys, what a performance. The amount of knowledge you displayed about our industry was awesome! Our delegates felt we must have been feeding you for months. We had delegates and speakers from around the world and without exception they said they had seen nothing as good as you at any Insurance Industry function in any country in the world - and they had been to most. It is to your credit that you are able to please so many people with what appears to be consummate ease.

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. The feedback from delegates was unanimously enthusiastic… Take this as a booking for the conference next year."
Chris Featherstone, Director,

"Thanks Geoff and David for a brilliant night. They are still talking about it and having a laugh. The guest of honour was hugely surprised and didn't mind everyone having a laugh at his expense. Particularly when the other guests were also part of the roast! All the work in the preparation certainly paid off: it was a really professional job. Again, well done!"
William Wilson, Manager, Letters Dept NSW/ACT

"An outstanding performance with obviously too much background material from my formerly loyal colleagues! If anyone could do a better job than you guys I'd like to meet them. Everything about your roast was absolutely first class. I might make a career of retiring and hope that my next thoughtful successor rings you guys. If anyone ever wants a reference on your talent and delivery, get them to call. I'll tell them!! Many thanks."
Ray Carless, Retiring Managing Director

"We needed something extra to move our annual conference from excellent to unforgetable. You guys provided that something extra and made for an unforgetable conference. Thank you so much Geoff and David."
Robert Bevan, Principal
BEST PRACTICE – national real estate umbrella group

"Thank you so much Comic Roasts... Your presentation was definitely the highlight of our client function. You put on a very witty performance with our customers especially enjoying being included in the roasting! We've have received many requests from our clients for your contact details for their next function. What more can we say?"
Bill Chapman, Managing Director

"The night was a complete success and one to be remembered by our important customers. Extremely well prepared and perfectly aligned to the nature of our business, including staff, products, customers present and the industry. Great music and singing!"
Tom Reiher

"A comic treat... the highlight of our function."
Jeff Tobias, MD

"Your total send up of our industry and lifestyles was a huge hit. The effort you took to prepare the satire was certainly evident in the detail on the night. And the shock on several faces was hysterical! Your performance was impressive to say the least and made for a great start to our weekend."
Lynne Kilgour, Corporate Hospitality and Event Manager

"Your research and delivery of the performance about our organisation and the people in attendence was exceptional. We look forward to engaging your talents again in the future."
David Pearce, Marketing Manager

"Many thanks for your inspired and brilliant performance at our firm retreat... We stand in awe of your ability to take a pile of unconnected raw material and fashion a revue which perfectly reflected what we like to see as our culture, while displaying absolutely no restraint or diplomacy! We will unreservedly recommend you to clients and competitors. Thanks again."
Michael Bradley, Partner

"Great entertainment. You have now given me an impossible task - to top that for next year!"
Jane Bury, Human Resources Manager

"You’ve had us in stitches twice now with witty, made-to-order musical comedy. An outstanding success."
Dr Gary Weiss

"Thank you for entertaining us so royally at the club's recent staff Christmas party. Your performance was a delight - both very funny and very morale-boosting for our team. We all appreciated the time and effort you put into preparing and delivering your 'roast' of all thyings and all people Hakoah. We marvel at your ability to 'hit the nail on the head' - your satire characterised both our patrons and our team-members so accurately it was as if you knew them all personally! We also enjoyed singing along to our very own new club 'anthem' - what a joy!"
Robert Smith A/General Manager

“Phenomenal fun! You boys managed a welcome, a send-off and a send-up all at once - bringing laughter to all! Well done.”
Peta Garland, Event Manager, Personal Systems Group

"A hilarious send-up of all our people - me included! Highlight of our conference and super entertainment all around."
Warren Stewart, MD

"Thank you for making what was already a great night, an exceptional night! Having each of Ken, Mike and John individually come up and shake your hands during your rendition itself reflected their acknowledgement of your talents and efforts to bring the whole night to a great conclusion. Thanks again for your professionalism in your whole approach to the night."
Greg Penn, Regional Director Investment Management

"On behalf of the KLM team and Max Gelder, I would like to express our appreciation for an excellent evening of entertainment. The professional way in which you personalised the songs and sketches was great. Your performance added a unique dimension to this important farewell evening of Max. Looking forward to our next event."
Vincent Vogt, General Manager, Australia & NZ

“Thanks guys for a fantastic performance, all the staff loved it and a good time was had by all. The songs were terrific and there has been plenty of talk about their content!”
Tim Buckle, Managing Director

"What can I say? The evening went off fantastically well! The relaxed atmosphere of ARIA along with your performance really got the LEGO team into a very happy party mood. They got a good roasting which really appealed to their sense of humour. Your whole performance added to the evening and highlighted to all the team that we can have a good laugh at - and with - each other. We spend a lot of time together throughout the year working on various projects and sometimes forget to have fun, your contribution to the evening was great and we all had a great deal of fun together."
Steve Pensini, Managing Director

"What a highly entertaining evening! For an industry where so much is all so serious and where we can easily take ourselves too seriously, it was delightful for us to kick back and laugh at ourselves. We enjoyed the way you set up the evening and were impressed with your use of the brief. The chance to laugh at the way we do things was just delicious and the 'Lundbeck Anthem' was wonderful. Aeroplane Jelly will never be quite the same. Thank you!"
Steve Maritz, Managing Director

"Thanks for entertaining us so brilliantly. You gave us all – our MD, staff, clients and even the media – a show we won’t forget! Your songs and patter hit just the right tone: humorous, satirical but good-natured. As a result, the atmosphere you helped create was very team-building; everyone you ‘roasted’ (me included!) felt part of the act… and the laughs from Mr Triguboff quickly filtered down the line to all present. Quite an achievement and very much a key to the success of the night. Well done! We’ll call on you again."
Peter Spira, General Manager

"Thanks for all your preparation for the Netball Australia 'roast'. We all loved your performance: it was the highlight of the night! I have just passed on your details to the Commonwealth Bank (our major sponsor) who also loved it and who want you guys for their Christmas party."
Jennifer Vincent, National Marketing Manager

“League Legends and supporters were served a taste of tailor-made musical satire by seriously talented performance artists Geoff Sirmai and David Fisher.”

"You and David were simply great on Saturday night at our annual 'night of nights' - the Miracle Mile Barrier Draw Dinner. John Tapp and the Minister were both thrilled with their personal 'roasts' and we have had a lot of positive feedback from our guests."
Alison Boman, Marketing Manager

"A witty and entertaining performance… the most stimulating part of the conference."

"Thanks for a truly delightful 'roast' for our special occasion. Your many and varied comedic talents succinctly captured James Odlin's 30 years in business right down to specific Odlin idiosyncracies. You epitomised the Australian way of 'taking the mickey' out of someone without offending them … all whilst ensuring it was highly amusing. The comparison of the broad 'Odlin Family' and the infamous 'Addams Family' will live long in our memories. You put the icing on the cake of a great night and your talents and professionalism were outstanding and devilishly/deliciously funny. Thanks again for a totally hilarious and entertaining performance!"
Robyn Pope, Chief Financial Officer

"Many thanks for making the opening of our new Brisbane plant such fun! Your clever and witty songs had everybody laughing and I was amazed at how accurately you were able to portray the industry."
Peter Smaller, Managing Director

“Thank you for a fantastic, clever performance. I’ve had very good feedback. Once again, thank you for a job very well done!”
Emilio Gonzalez, Chief Investment Officer

“The Commodore’s Ball at the Club has never been more fun. An intelligent and hilarious performance brought the house down, making the ball one of the most enjoyable in our 98 year history! Many, many thanks.”
Ken Gresham, Commodore

"We were really happy with your unique musical performance. I think that having your show totally tailored to the client makes a huge difference and makes the night that much more special. The St.George Anthem was fantastic and had people raving."
Anna Hayward, Corporate Relations

"Thank you so much for helping to make our National awards night for the Telstra Shops such a great success. I have had many great compliments about your routine and the way you were able to take the information we gave you and turn it into a jolly good belly laugh at ourselves.
Even the boss was impressed and all of the conference attendees nominated that night and the songs about ourselves as a real highlight of the conference.

What was really great was that the songs have helped form a bridge between the two teams and proved that - though both groups had their problems - we shared a number of common concerns that can allow us to grow as one team together. Thanks so much!"
Gael Filippini, Manager Branded Channels Initiatives,

"Excellent! Extremely funny! A well thought out routine, presented with professionalism. We would not hesitate to engage you again."
Allan Ballard, National President

"Just a note to express our gratitude to you for your fabulous and highly entertaining Roast of our outgoing Managing Director, Ken Ellis. The night was an emotional, highly creative and very pertinent coverage of his life at Wella, his colleagues and his personality. Ken and all the guests enjoyed the evening immensely due to your efforts and skill. You were truly great, not only considering the difficult time frame we provided but also the audience. ‘Thank you’ can’t sum up our gratitude."
Petrina Coventry, HR and Development Manager

"Your roast of our six YPO graduates was just excellent. You so very cleverly captured each of them perfectly with great humour and entertainment. As you sang I watched the subjects’ faces to see their reactions and each of them enjoyed the fun being made of them - it was perfect and without any embarrassments. So cleverly done! Thanks again. I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity to employ your unique talent again."
Lyn Hercus, Executive Director